Sports Layout Design and Branding (2019)
In a digital world, we find more and more that tangible items that once held significance are continuously disappearing. This is a two-part project that first covers the research and depth behind this current phenomena, then transitions into my solution for this problem: the development of a brand called TACTIX -- a brand made to preserve the overall essence and memories of sporting events.

I spent the first two full weeks of this project, taking my time and reaching out to every team within the National Hockey League (NHL), Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Football League (NFL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA).​
It took a while, there were over 120 teams I had to get ahold of, but that research I acquired helped to shape the direction for the rest of this publication.

*I would also love to take this opportunity to thank every single person that was so kind as to answer my emails, return my phone calls and took the time to have a genuinely nice conversation with a young design student. Thank you!


The entire concept of TACTIX revolves around a team express card that serves as a fans' form of entry into the game, a way to pay for goods at the concession stands and team store, as well as being used in accordance with team kiosks for the chance to print tickets. 

Each fan receives a team card per season that is reloadable.


Each kiosk will be presented in the main concourse of each sports arena/stadium. Its purpose is to serve as a ticket printing station for those fans that wish to bring home a memento of their game. This allows the fan to choose for themselves whether or not their ticket can be brought home.

Dependent upon the sport, the kiosks' presentation and materials will coincide with the given sport.


The TACTIX app will allow fans to not only buy and hold their tickets for sporting events, but it could also be used to network with other fans within the sports teams' community
The first part of the app allows you to choose the sports team(s) you follow, search games and add tickets to your express card​
And let us not forget to properly celebrate when you grab some tickets!​
Many times, people on our own social media platform accounts do not appreciate game-winning moments like getting a puck signed by an all-time great! So we developed a separate sports social platform for you to share those moments with people that will celebrate with you!
TACTIX fan boxes will serve the same purpose as season ticket holder packages - to make the fans feel special and cared for. Each team will send out prior to the season a box with TACTIX branding applied, but using interchangeable assets to communicate that individual teams' look and feel. The player signature-based textural pattern will differ depending upon players on that team, as well as the colors, the branding of the express card/keychain and the gift for their fans. The box below takes on the look and feel to show what the New Jersey Devils might do if they take on TACTIX.
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