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Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you've enjoyed looking through my work as much as I enjoyed creating it. I put so much of myself into each project, so being able to share the results of my hard work with others is a pleasure. 

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I thoroughly enjoy working with typography.  I find it fascinating how a detail that many would overlook can drastically change an entire design! When I work on a project that doesn't have a predetermined font, I get really excited about all of the possibilities that go into deciding the perfect typeface.

➼ I can illustrate. Yes, I can adapt my style to fit an aesthetic that a client is looking for, but I do enjoy working with fineliners to create slick blackwork that's mainly nature-inspired.  I have utilized this skill in the majority of my professional and personal projects! I've even more recently picked up on handlettering.

➼ I give every task my all, regardless of how small. Can you tell I love rhyming? But it's true! Even in the days where I was mopping floors at DD to pay for my first degree, I spent time making sure everything was in tip-top shape. I believe that if you don't do a job to the best of your ability, you might as well not be doing it at all. 

➼ I am a huge people-person. Although I used to be shy, as I progressed further into my adulthood, I really came into my own! At FIT, I'd already been in college for 2 years and came to terms with the fact that as a designer, I have to present, so I better learn to enjoy it -- and I have. I always volunteered to present first through my 4 years at FIT because everybody dreaded it so much. In group projects, my peers wanted me to talk because I put so much confidence and passion into what I was saying. And this is with any project that I work on. In addition to having exceptional presentation skills, I pride myself on having great empathy for others, but I also just genuinely love talking with people. You know that girl that talks to you while in-line at the grocery store? Yeah, that girl's me!

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Graphic Design BFA > August 2018-May 2020
Minor in Art History and graduated Magna Cum Laude

Fashion Institute of Technology
Communication Design AAS > August 2016-May 2018
Graduated Cum Laude

Westchester Community College
Visual Arts AAS > September 2014-May 2016
Graduated with high honors as a member of Phi Theta Kappa


Same Here Global | Volunteer Designer/Illustrator | May 2020-Present

As COVID took the world by storm and limited opportunities for people such as myself, I decided to take some of my free time and put it to good use. Same Here Global is a non-profit organization specializing in putting an end to the stigma surrounded by mental health. I often will help with layout, ideas for the website and will complete yoga illustrations for people seeking meditation practices. 

Freelance | Designer/Illustrator |  February 2018-Present

Once I started to feel more comfortable with my design knowledge, I started to do some freelance work. It started at first with doing some volunteer design work for an old friend that was spreading word about a good cause, to now doing paid work. I have done a variety of freelance work ranging from illustrations to web design, simple layout work to album covers, packaging and more.

 | Creative Design Intern | January-May 2020

Assisted in the development and execution of design concepts for many big-name clients such as Coca-Cola, Lenovo, AMC Networks, Cirque de Soleil and many more. Helped ideate and design elements for events and marketing campaigns which included logo development, marketing materials, graphics, signage and environments. In addition to client deliverables, I also oversaw and contributed towards the design, development and production of a variety of pitch presentations.

Flood Creative | Packaging Design Intern | June-August 2019

Researched and developed various packaging designs, logos and concept routes based on given briefs. I worked with a variety of big-name and startup brands such as Pepperidge Farm, Trinchero Family Estates and King’s Hawaiian Bread. Aside from design work, I also conducted a lot of marketing research and pulled together inspiration in order to create mood boards for large packaging projects.

OfficeMax | Print Production Specialist | August 2016-September 2018

Helped customers design, print and/or produce their projects in a timely fashion. Products that have been produced for customers include: business cards, posters, canvas prints, flyers, brochures and more.

New Jersey Devils | Graphic Design Intern | April-June 2014

Responsibilities included hours of research for the development of the upcoming seasons’ website, game day photography and other game day responsibilities such as working the kids table or throwing t-shirts to the crowd.
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