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Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you've enjoyed looking through my work as much as I enjoyed creating it. I put so much of myself into each project, so being able to share the results of my hard work with others is a pleasure. 

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I thoroughly enjoy working with typographyI find it fascinating how a detail that many would overlook can drastically change an entire design! When I work on a project that doesn't have a predetermined font, I get really excited about all of the possibilities that go into deciding the typeface that would best fit. 

➼ I enjoy cooking and baking. I always love being creative, even when it comes to food (especially when it comes to food). Whether it's developing a new recipes for a loved one or creating a graphic using food, it brings me joy.

➼ I give every task my all, regardless of how small. Can you tell I love rhyming? But it's true! Even in the days where I was mopping floors at DD to pay for my first degree, I spent time making sure everything was in tip-top shape. I believe that if you don't do a job to the best of your ability, you might as well not be doing it at all. 

➼ I am a huge people-person. Although I used to be shy, as I progressed further into my adulthood, I really came into my own! I pride myself on having great empathy for others, but I also just genuinely love talking with people. You know that girl that talks to you while in-line at the grocery store? Yeah, that girl's me!

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SnowPartners | Graphic Designer | April 2023-Present & Junior Designer | October2022-April 2023

Professional Fighters League | Junior Designer | February 2021-April 2022

CSM Sport & Entertainment | Creative Design Intern | January-May 2020

Flood Creative | Packaging Design Intern | June-August 2019

OfficeMax | Print Production Specialist | August 2016-September 2018

New Jersey Devils | Graphic Design Intern | April-June 2014


Same Here Global | Volunteer Designer/Illustrator | May 2020-Present

Same Here Global is a non-profit organization specializing in putting an end to the stigma
surrounded by mental health. I often will help with layout, ideas for the website and will complete
yoga illustrations for people seeking meditation practices. 

Freelance | Designer/Illustrator |  February 2018-Present
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